Life moves on

So much has happened in the sixteen months since mom died. In some ways our lives have changed a great deal and in others they have stayed the same. This biggest change came in the form of this little guy.

In February we welcomed our son into the world. His arrival was the beautiful light at the end of the tunnel. Three years ago my husband and I underwent IVF treatments in hopes of starting a family after all the testing we ended up with one viable embryo. Due to life changes we had to put off the transfer. Finally after a long two year wait we started the processes in June. It was a tense time. This was our one and only shot at having a child together and we were supremely lucky that it succeeded. Our beautiful little boy was born six days before the anniversary of his grandmother’s death. My sister flew out to be with me and we passed the day loving on her newest grandson which is exactly what she would have wanted.


Another big change having a new baby has caused is a desire to get fit. Before I know it this little guy is going to be running all over the place and I need to be able to keep up so I have started my weight loss journey. I have found several supportive groups on Facebook. I have a list of different exercises I really enjoy, one of them being running, and have started making dietary changes. Out with the bad and in with the good. So far things have gone really well and I’m hoping to keep the momentum up! I’m hoping this blog will help me with that. Accountability is important even if it’s only to myself.



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