It must start somewhere

Here I am, doing something I never thought I would do but it must start somewhere. Blogging is a foreign and somewhat terrifying task. My brain seems to freeze up and I find I’m at a complete loss of what to type so lets go on a rambling journey about my passion. Maybe that will help me loosen up.

I love crochet! It has become my passion and it fills a large part of my free time. I first learned when I was around thirteen years old but I didn’t fall in love with the craft until a few years ago when I quit smoking. Sure I knew the basics but trying to fill the long, grueling minutes, hours and then days of nicotine withdrawal I rediscovered crochet and it was heaven!

My first projects were far from, well to be honest, good. I knew the absolute basics and that was it. It wasn’t enough to keep my hands and mind engaged and after making my husband a blanket, which he still loves and treasures, I needed more. I bought a simple pattern book, yarn and taught myself to read patterns. I was so proud of that first big project! It was a blanket for my niece and it’s still going strong today almost four years later.


That is where it started. Looking at that blanket now and seeing all the mistakes I still love it warts and all.